Plaka Prints

Here's your chance to work with our professional jeepney signage artist to showcase your hometown pride with personalized jeepney sign boards! In the Philippines, jeepney and bus windows are filled with colourful plaques shouting out the destination or the route the vehicle is going to travel.

Tambayan Tunes

Welcome to an open festival music stage where you can listen to and jam with your favourite local acoustic artists to your favourite original Filipino hits! Each acoustic session will last for thirty minutes.

Obra Manila

Filipino culture is an eclectic combination of various coloured threads featuring unique personalities. Be a part of the TLC Family and make this come to life by tying your string together with other TLC fans!

Shop Lokal (Tiangge)

Shop for unique products that promote love for local culture! Enjoy access to a variety of artisanal products by local merchants and creative entrepreneurs!

Street Sarap

Filipinos love to eat! Go on an exciting food crawl in an entire street featuring stalls and trucks showcasing artisanal home-grown food concepts.

Roll up your sleeves and take part in our exciting line-up of workshop sessions! Whether you love cooking up a storm, creating cake masterpieces or dressing up for that instagrammable moment, we've got them all covered!

Online workshop registrations have closed, but the following sessions are available for walk-ins. Queues for walk-in sessions will open 30 minutes before each session starts. Limited seats are available!

Kusina TLC

Chop, slice and saute your way into the TLC Kitchen! Transform your well-loved Pinoy dishes into something fresh and exciting. Plus, watch out for the special appearance of celebrity chef, Luke Nguyen.

Time slots:

2.31pm, 4.31pm

TLC Bakeshop

Prepare your piping bags for this quick and easy cake decorating workshop! Who knows, this may start your journey to being the next Pinoy Cake Boss!

Time slots:

2.00pm, 4.00pm

Rosas Atbp

Arrange the most beautiful floral crown and be instagram-worthy all day.

Time slots:

2.00pm, 4.00pm, 6.00pm

Here are the lucky TLC Festival 2017 participants who will be attending our workshops for online registrants.

To check if you have gotten a slot, please verify your name and the last three characters of your E-Ticket registration number.

Kusina TLC (1:31pm)

    Christian V. (***YD0)
    Ana D. (***4KI)
    Harland V. (***GLJ)
    Karla B. (***5GC)
    Jose C. (***UT9)
    Ralph V. (***SAQ)
    Claudine H. (***UGA)
    Dionna I. (***I3G)
    Sarah P. (***U2R)
    Angela R. (***L70)
    Marc S. (***LGF)
    Karen P. (***ICZ)
    Crystallyn M. (***TP0)
    Rowan D. (***H41)
    Kirk D. (***0H0)
    Jose D. (***EEW)
    Jonalyn A. (***9YD)
    Mary L. (***B80)
    Khristina G. (***1TF)
    Kevin A. (***KWL)

Kusina TLC (3:31pm)

    Ian C. (***8LP)
    Jeanet G. (***UH7)
    Ma.Josefina D. (***NXP)
    Paulina A. (***YIQ)
    Ma.Azizia C. (***0LA)
    Stephanie T. (***9GN)
    Rhea C. (***AWW)
    Christine A. (***O0F)
    Antoinette C. (***BZE)
    Mary A. (***7HT)
    Maria A. (***2SC)
    Franciaville T. (***ARY)
    Carl P. (***BP7)
    Blenda C. (***M4O)
    Sara L. (***WQJ)
    Joanna S. (***KGY)
    Mayeeth Q. (***LOM)
    Irish C. (***DS5)
    Lemuel D. (***D5Y)
    Joei D. (***L5G)

Kusina TLC (5:31pm)

    Betty S. (***ROT)
    Chriser R. (***YU8)
    Katherine S. (***C53)
    Sammy R. (***FSG)
    Vanessa S. (***P17)
    Jo A. (***Y9N)
    Priscilla G. (***QSR)
    Jeanhel M. (***07N)
    Corazon R. (***PYH)
    Joannie C. (***TCI)
    Madonna A. (***21B)
    Diana E. (***YDM)
    Loraine H. (***TZB)
    Jeane A. (***BI0)
    Laarni S. (***934)
    Lourdesita A. (***1ES)
    Nicole S. (***H9Q)
    Angela M. (***0IB)
    Annaliza L. (***LJG)
    Allan S. (***PMC)

TLC Bakeshop (3:00pm)

    Elyka P. (***BL2)
    Rizamay D. (***808)
    Charlotte G. (***DHF)
    Anna V. (***XHC)
    Emerito M. (***YLL)
    Camille S. (***0TH)
    Maureen P. (***MHG)
    Enrico P. (***SZ6)
    Jairha C. (***LIP)
    Franz D. (***I6D)
    Ian T. (***CJB)
    Jennifer J. (***4OP)
    Mayrenissa G. (***KHZ)
    David P. (***9B6)
    Aaron O. (***47I)
    Monalisa P. (***KKL)
    Eric P. (***CFU)
    Elisa G. (***EAC)
    Jealine G. (***UY3)
    Ann M. (***8QJ)

TLC Bakeshop (5:00pm)

    Janet Z. (***15M)
    Mae T. (***ZBG)
    Iris E. (***2MM)
    Maria A. (***FJY)
    Michelle Y. (***JSP)
    Amicka M. (***TZH)
    Annette S. (***9WC)
    Catherine L. (***7GK)
    Andhrea A. (***76X)
    Randy D. (***XQN)
    Maylene D. (***WWY)
    Luis R. (***P3G)
    Maria R. (***HRI)
    Vernor D. (***GFQ)
    Raven V. (***UF0)
    Milany P. (***NT9)
    Eunice H. (***7R6)
    Kyle D. (***493)
    Karen S. (***6C0)
    Bench A. (***U26)

Rosas Atbp (3:00pm)

    Sarahmae B. (***Y1F)
    Joanne C. (***DQ9)
    Elidona C. (***1ST)
    Raven V. (***YPT)
    Rosalinda S. (***LHG)
    Elaine C. (***KYN)
    Arlene G. (***7NM)
    Marivic F. (***UGR)
    Eunise S. (***3OX)
    Lolita B. (***N5S)
    Ivy A. (***RHI)
    Jam A. (***X7E)

Rosas Atbp (5:00pm)

    Harlyne V. (***HCC)
    Julienne S. (***OFO)
    Jeniffer B. (***W4M)
    Claire A. (***FHS)
    Edalyn V. (***YNG)
    My C. (***8MC)
    Susan T. (***358)
    Princess M. (***4BC)
    Rheena P. (***XAK)
    Josephine T. (***7TG)
    Stvenson T. (***YKU)
    Angelo M. (***UQ8)

Not to worry if you did not get a slot, several walk-in sessions are also available in the schedule above.